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Official Newsletter of the Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo


Nestled in the Boreal forest at the confluence of five rivers, Fort McMurray - the largest city in the Wood Buffalo region - is a vibrant community rich in history and culture, with unlimited opportunities for unique and memorable experiences. Confluence is symbolic not only of the rivers meeting here but as the meeting ground of cultures from around the world that come here to work, play and live. It is this community that Confluence represents; one that is trying to integrate, break barriers and make it their home. Though we may travel our own cultural corridors, there are an incredible number of points of intersection everyday in our city between people of entirely different cultural backgrounds. How do these intersections influence us? What kind of patterns of behavior and lifestyle evolve as a result? How do we relate to one another and build our sustainable community enriched by each interaction?

We would love to hear from you. Please review the categories and submit your piece to us

  • Multicultural Stories: Do you have a story to share with us?
  • Travel To My Country: Do you have a story about visiting your homeland? What was the experience like? What has changed? How did it impact you? Submit your story!
  • Friends Across Borders: Stories about how you met your friends best from another culture across schools in our region.
  • My Favourite Cultural Dish: Do you have a family recipe for a delicious cultural dish? Send it in for all to enjoy!
  • Photo Gallery: What does multiculturalism mean to you? Do you have a photo that captures diversity, inclusion, and equality? Send your photo and caption in!
  • Q&A: Are you experiencing a challenge at work, at a restaurant, or in your interactions with others that has to do with multiculturalism, equality, or inclusion? How did you deal with the situation? Do you have questions about your rights when it comes to these situations? Or do you experience challenges parenting in Canada’s diverse society? Share your questions and experiences with us and receive answers from experts!

If you have a story you would like to contribute it can be as short as a sentence, as long as 500 words, or maybe your story is best told with a picture and a caption-great! Email your contribution to us at Sharing stories and experiences with others is what Confluence is all about.