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Interpretation & Translation

Certified Interpretation and Translation Services for Our Community

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In partnership with CISOC (Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities), the Multicultural Association (MCA) has been able to launch certified Interpretation Services in Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo region.

MCA offers interpretation services by highly qualified community interpreters who have had their language proficiency assess and have been training in community interpreting. These new assessments will ensure that interpreters are providing the best language services in clinics, law courts, for business matters, government services and other instances.

Additionally, MCA will provide translation services for a variety of documents including: certificates, licenses (birth, marriage, driver's, education, etc.), transcripts and other immigration related documents. Translation are professional, quick, accurate, and certified.

The Interpretation and Translation Unit is social enterprise that aims to help sustainability for the Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo.

If you are an individual who is eligible for settlement services and do not required a certified interpretation or translation, we invite you to contact the YMCA Wood Buffalo or Centre d’accueil et d’etablissement of Northern Alberta for your interpretation or translation needs.



MCA Interpretation and translation Unit offers certified Interpretation and Translation Services in Wood Buffalo.




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